Invitroembryo : IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Services.

This site is made for Dr.  Mina Tavaniotou – Obstetrics and Gynaecology- Reproductive Medicine. My goal was to be as simple as possible, so everyone could find information about the sensitive topic of Infertility treatments.

KARD Architects

KARD Architects

KARD architects is a fresh brand created from a merged process of two dominated practices in Thessaloniki, Greece, Kouloukouris & associates and Sempsis+Raidis architects. Both offices have more than 35 years of architectural and planning experience in almost all sectors of private and public development

C.M.S. based + some Javascript


TravelMe… …Your Travel partner…in Thessaloniki, Greece

It is about a travel agency from Thessaloniki Greece. They specialize in high quality-low cost transfers from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) to Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) and all over Northern Greece. Soon an application for booking transfers will  be online.

It is based on Joomla CMS and consists of 2 different Templates.

TravelME...Your Travel partner...

TravelME…Your Travel partner…


Lately i found out that large website merchants — this is how i can call them– charge extra for S.E.O. this is ok…but there is a catch.

If you don’t accept the S.E.O.  package as customer,  when they first build your site, they produce a site that is not Search Engine Friendly and the customer cannot even have the possibility to add meta tag and meta description at his content and his site.

S.E.O. stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, that means that if someone pays you for that, you must optimize something not creating a Search Engine Friendly site and then say ok now it is optimized.*

I think if someone thinks of himself as an ethical professional, should always build Search Engine Friendly Sites.

*This should only happens when you redevelop an existing site made a thousand years ago.

Eugenia Karagiannidou:

Eugenia Karagiannidou: Dietitian – Nutritionist

Ευγενία Καραγιαννίδου: Διαιτολόγος – Διατροφολόγος

Another project of mine. It is based on philosophy less is more. This time is for an dietitian, nutritionist Eugenia Karagiannidou.

Content management system: Joomla!

DermaG: Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

DermaG Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

This site is for a brand new clinic. The clinic is located at Thessaloniki. Head doctor is Mr. Gerebakanis Haris an excellent plastic surgeon with many years of experience.

The site is coded in pure php, javascript and MySQL. The base platform is Joomla.

Noise Effect Store – Extreme Music Store

Noise Effect Store :Your Source for extreme music

This site is made for a music store located at the center of Thessaloniki. Extreme music lovers will love it.

It is based on Joomla C.M.S. Whole content is reached with 2 clicks most. The store owner decided not to create an electronic store as he prefers human to human interaction, than human to computer.

Your Source for extreme music

Noise Effect Store - Your Source for extreme music

Gerebakanis Haris – Plastic Surgeon

Gerebakanis Haris – Plastic Surgeon

Γερεμπακάνης Χάρης – Πλαστικός χειρουργός

This site is finished. Gerebakanis Haris is plastic surgeon, his clinic is at Thessaloniki. His expertise is wide and is well known at Northern Greece. His site is based on Joomla C.M.S. and is only in Greek language. I googled for plastic surgeons and i found several site with before-after images e.t.c, but these images were not so pretty, so i didn’t followed that path. I hope you like it, any comment is welcome.

Dimitris Raidis – Architect + Urban Planner

Dimitris Raidis – Architect + Urban Planner

Δημήτρης Ραΐδης – Αρχιτέκτονας + Πολεοδόμος

This site is finished.  It is based on Joomla C.M.S.. Content is written both in English and Greek language. I need your opinion to make it better.

Maria A. Hatzaki – Dentist

Maria A  Hatzaki – Dentist

Μαρία Α. Χατζάκη – Οδοντιατρική +Αισθητική

This site is still under construction. It is based on Joomla  C.M.S. Content is written only in Greek language. The purpose is obvious. I hope you like it.