Gerebakanis Haris – Plastic Surgeon

Gerebakanis Haris – Plastic Surgeon

Γερεμπακάνης Χάρης – Πλαστικός χειρουργός

This site is finished. Gerebakanis Haris is plastic surgeon, his clinic is at Thessaloniki. His expertise is wide and is well known at Northern Greece. His site is based on Joomla C.M.S. and is only in Greek language. I googled for plastic surgeons and i found several site with before-after images e.t.c, but these images were not so pretty, so i didn’t followed that path. I hope you like it, any comment is welcome.

Dimitris Raidis – Architect + Urban Planner

Dimitris Raidis – Architect + Urban Planner

Δημήτρης Ραΐδης – Αρχιτέκτονας + Πολεοδόμος

This site is finished.  It is based on Joomla C.M.S.. Content is written both in English and Greek language. I need your opinion to make it better.

Maria A. Hatzaki – Dentist

Maria A  Hatzaki – Dentist

Μαρία Α. Χατζάκη – Οδοντιατρική +Αισθητική

This site is still under construction. It is based on Joomla  C.M.S. Content is written only in Greek language. The purpose is obvious. I hope you like it.